About Us

About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn our story.


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Our story


Welcome to 3DPrintBase. My name is Recep Mutlu, So glad you’re here. I’m an individual with a passion for creativity, creativity makes me so happy. The creativity of a 3D printing and modeling is beyond our dreams. I worked as a wire-edm operator and manager for years.
At that time, 3D printing was getting popular.
Theoretically 3D printing so smilar with wire-edm cutting and i was very interested in 3d printing and 3d modeling at that time.
I also love to cycling as much as I like technology and 3d Printing.

It’s Me


Is there a product that you’ve researched a lot but can’t find anywhere?
While cycling to go to work every day, I was looking for a phone case that would fit my bicycle computer’s holder but i couldn’t find it.
This product I could not find, it made me think of buying a 3D printer.
I was very excited about the idea of designing something that didn’t exist and making it in my basement in a short time.
So I started the 3D printing business with that excitement as a hobby.


In the beginning, I printed for my own and my immediate surroundings.
At the same time, I started to provide 3D printing services in social media.
As time goes on, 3D printing and modeling became more than a hobby for me.
Even while working in company, my mind was always in 3D printing.
The positive feedback from the people I serve, has pushed me into helping more people in more ways, thats why i met airbrush and model painting.
Even though I am a very beginner in airbrush and model painting at that time, I continue to improve myself.
On the other hand i started 3DHubs service but i did not find the time to take care of it.


So I had to quit my job because I moved to another city, actually this was an opportunity for my 3D printing and modeling career.
First, i finished my 3DHubs service page and started serve people in my own country.
Then I heard about Etsy in the social media and learned what it is. In fact, I decided it was an awesome opportunity for my goals. Thanks to Etsy I started to serve people worldwide.
Of course, I’m just beginning of the road. I know that I have to print the future, which will make people enjoy their lives and make it easier.